Talks // AUGUST

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Download here: Lockscreen 1 // Lockscreen 2
Hello! I honestly can't believe it's already August, like what? It's getting closer to the new semester! By the way, this is gonna be a very messy post, where I just talk what goes through my head, hope you don't mind. :) Oh, and if you see, I have these lovely two lockscreens for you guys, which I edited myself. The photos are not mine, so credit goes to the owner. It looks a bit blurry, but once you use it on your phone, it looks all good. So, hope you like those! 

I also try to re-design my blog here and there, just trying to make it more simple and effortless. I'm not good with code or HTML, seriously. That's why my blog layout looks really plain. (sorry!).

And I have plan to go for a little vacation before the holiday is over. Hopefully I can explore the some new places and take beautiful pictures there, we'll see. :) Uhm, yeah. This post is so random. But I guess that's all? Ahaha, thank you for still reading this crap. x



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