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"wake up, turn around" on @8tracks
Good morning and happy weekend! Here a little fun playlist for your playful Sunday. I put all of my current happy indie songs into it, hopefully it can excites your mornings. :) Also, I've been thinking to make this series (weekend mixtape) once a week instead once every two weeks. It seems like people enjoy it, and so do I. So why don't make more? Like, my music mood changes every 6 seconds. Uh not really, but you got my point there. I also think to re-starting my 365 project on February. There's a lot of stuff going on this month, and I can't handle to do this project properly. When I look back and see how many days I skipped, I just became mad and stressed out. So yeah, I'm gonna re-starting doing it. 

*p.s.: This playlist got Platinum certified on 8tracks! Woohoo! My first Platinum medal. :D



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