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Macau City (c)

I’m asking this question to myself today. “What if I get a chance to visit Macau for one day?”. At first, I was like, “Well, that will be amazing.”. But then, I realize it. “ONE DAY? What can I do in one day? Where I’m gonna go? Which attractions I’m gonna watch?”. And then, I take a deep breath and reminding myself, it’s a day only adventure. I don’t have much time to explore this region until the most detail parts. So, let’s focus on the most famous and legendary places, shall we?

I’m gonna start the day by visit the legendary temple, which is A-Ma-Gao (or Place of A-Ma). This is where the Macau’s name derived from. The history said, when the first Portuguese landed on Macau, he asked a local people what is the name of that place. But, there is a misunderstanding between them and the local people thought that the Portuguese asking about the name of a place in front of them. So, he said it as “A-Ma-Gao”. Then the Portuguese translated and called it as Macau.
A-Ma-Gao (c)

With some snacks that I already packed, I’m gonna continue my adventure by taking a bus to visit Macau Tower! It still pretty early in the morning, and I bet that the view will looks amazing from this tower.  With 338 meters tall, and also provides with restaurant, observation deck, and even a cinema, Macau Tower is one of the must visit place in Macau. Fun fact, you can found the world’s second highest bungee jump with 233 meters. That is around 1/3 of the tower! Attention to anyone with adventurous soul, this is for you, and definitely not me (lol).
Macau Tower (c)

I’ll probably spend couple hours to explore the Macau Tower. And it will be appropriate to prepare myself, thinking about where I’m gonna eat for lunch. My next destination is gonna be the Taipa Village! By crossing the beautiful Macau-Taipa Bridge, it will bring me to the only place where you can found rows of Chinese and Portuguese buildings standing beside each others, with variety of restaurants and rustic shops.
Taipa Village (c)

Various stores in Taipa Village (c)

There are so many recommended restaurant here. I always wondering about Cozinha Pinocchio. They are famous for their Macanese food speciality. But also, I’ve never tried any Portuguese cuisine before. Therefore, O’Manuel Cozinha Portuguesa is very tempting for me.
Cozinha Pinocchio and variety of their foods. (c)

O'Manuel Cozinha Portuguesa and variety of their foods. (c)

After finish my food and get new energy, I feel ready to explore further. The next destination that I will choose is Senado Square! It is a beautiful town square that famous for their traditional Portuguese building’s architecture. Well, I just know it that I will take endlessly photos of this place (gonna prepare extra batteries for that, just in case!) J. Fun fact, Senado Square is listed as one of the sites in UNESCO World Heritage Site, “Historic Centre of Macau”. Also, there are so many attractions that I could watch around this place.
Senado Square (c)

Break Time
I think it’s very appropriate to shopping after exploring for more than eight hours. Girls are girls, right? Then Zhuhai Port Plaza is my next destination! It’s a giant flea market that basically sells everything. Bye guys, gonna spend forever in here. :p
Zhuhai Port Plaza (c)

Dinner + Late Night Trip
Once again, I will cross the Macau-Taipa Bridge to reach my next (and also last) destination for the day. Cotai a.k.a. the land between Coloane and Taipa. I will probably searching for anything light for dinner, nothing very special. And after that, I will explore one more time. It’s time to explore Cotai! This area is famous for their night lifestyle. With all the neon lights around, I’m sure that I will remember it for the rest of my life. 
Macau at Night. (c)




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