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I actually already did this challenge on my Instagram (hey, follow me!). But I feel like it's too short and not really described about me very well. So, I decided to do this challenge (again) on my blog and just let it flow, I guess? Here we go! :)
  1. I am the first child in my family and I have a younger brother, named Dede.
  2. I just started wearing hijab couple months ago. For exact date, June 2014. A lot of people asking me if I just wearing it for temporary time, but it's not. I really want to start wearing it, no special reason and hopefully I can wear it by following the right rules of it.
  3. I am a big fan of Harry Potter a.k.a. Potterhead! I could re-read all the Harry Potter books, re-watch all the eight movies without any bored feeling. I wish, one day, I could buy all the Harry Potter books, movies, and even the merchs. 
  4. I have a boyfriend, named Fiqi. And I put this fact here because his birthday is January 4th.
  5. And we've been together for 5 years now! Such a long time, but still not enough for us. We're still counting for many more years forward. :)
  6. When I was in high school, I was really into writing and blogging. Poems, short story, or article. But since I started college, I barely got time to do my hobby and it kinda make me upset. Hopefully I can manage my time this semester, so I can do more writing and blogging again.
  7. I cry easily, especially when I'm very mad.
  8. I sing badly. Yeah, I always get low score when I was in school in singing class.
  9. But that doesn't stop me from singing. I sing even more badly once I'm comfy with people around me with no shame.
  10. Jenn Im is my biggest inspiration. I find her as an amazing stylist, and very intelligent woman too. I always love her style, all the clothes that she put together (even sometimes it's not even my style!). I love the way she's talking on her videos and her editing skill is amazing. Her video always entertaining and beautiful. Follow her on Instagram on @imjennim. I swear, you'll love her daily pictures.
  11. I love indie music the most. Sometimes, I also listening to a bit of alternative and punk rock. 
  12. Okay, so here's the thing about The Fault In Our Stars. I didn't cry when I read the book. And I find it a bit weird because people all over internet said that they're crying so bad when they read it. It's not that I'm a heartless person, or didn't like romantic story, but I just didn't find any part in the book that can make me cry! I cry easily as I mentioned before. When I read novels from Tere Liye, or Ilana Tan, I cried like a baby. But TFIOS? Nope. One weirder thing is, I cried when I watched the trailer, because I find it very beautiful.
  13. I am a book nerd since elementary school. I started reading comic like Doraemon and Detective Conan, and after that I started reading novel.
  14. I was born on July 14th, um just saying.
  15. I am a very moody person! If you are around me when I am in a bad mood, I bet you will punch me in the face because I literally act very annoying, haha.
  16. I love watching videos on Youtube. Some of my favorite Youtuber are Troye Sivan, Connor Franta, and Bethany Mota.
  17. I often laugh at my own jokes because it's damn funny and I have no shame about it.
  18. I can't drive, both motorcycle and car. Ugh.
  19. I love to hanging around with people that can make me forget to check my phone, even to just check if I got any message or call. They're my favorite people.
  20. I probably took too many selfie with my friends. #noregrets
That's all! If you read this post, then I tag you to do the same challenge!



Feel free to leave any comment or opinion. I'd love to hear your thought guys! :)