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Happy Eid Mubarak 1435H, everyone! I finally got time to blogging this week. It was such a busy week, and great too! I spent the first day of Eid with my family, having such a quality family time. And then, we went to some of my other family's houses too. And surprise, surprise, I still got money from them! Well yeah, not a big surprise too, considering I'm still in college and don't have a job yet.

On the second day, we decided to go to the beach, and bring my little cousin, Bimbim! We have such a lovely time, and the weather was really nice too. Bimbim was so happy because it's his first time to go to the beach and he played all day on the sands. We ate some snacks and ordered a quick lunch.

Well, it's a tradition in here to celebrate Eid for a week, because the major religion in my country is Muslim. We always celebrating it big and full of happiness. Not gonna lie, I love it. But I only have couple days before going back to college and all the stressful things! Oh. :(


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