Talks // AUGUST

Download here: Lockscreen 1 // Lockscreen 2
Hello! I honestly can't believe it's already August, like what? It's getting closer to the new semester! By the way, this is gonna be a very messy post, where I just talk what goes through my head, hope you don't mind. :) Oh, and if you see, I have these lovely two lockscreens for you guys, which I edited myself. The photos are not mine, so credit goes to the owner. It looks a bit blurry, but once you use it on your phone, it looks all good. So, hope you like those! 

I also try to re-design my blog here and there, just trying to make it more simple and effortless. I'm not good with code or HTML, seriously. That's why my blog layout looks really plain. (sorry!).

And I have plan to go for a little vacation before the holiday is over. Hopefully I can explore the some new places and take beautiful pictures there, we'll see. :) Uhm, yeah. This post is so random. But I guess that's all? Ahaha, thank you for still reading this crap. x



Hiii. So I think this is my first outfit post in 2015. I really did need to take a whole month to finally post about my outfit. Haha, I think it's because I just stayed at home most of the days during holidays, so I don't really need to dress up at all. But since holiday is almost over, I got to go back to uni to take care of couple things, here and there. And also, I finally make a new glasses! Phew, my old one is already so blurry, even after I wiped it multiple times. So, I give up and decided to buy a new one. It's a (kinda) big full frame, in brown color with some patterns on it. And I think it's a great alternative beside black. Anyway, back to the topic. This is the outfit that I wore today. After making a new glasses, my dad finally agree to let me taking a driving lesson. Woohoo! I'm gonna start tomorrow and honestly I can't wait. :)


"wake up, turn around" on @8tracks
Good morning and happy weekend! Here a little fun playlist for your playful Sunday. I put all of my current happy indie songs into it, hopefully it can excites your mornings. :) Also, I've been thinking to make this series (weekend mixtape) once a week instead once every two weeks. It seems like people enjoy it, and so do I. So why don't make more? Like, my music mood changes every 6 seconds. Uh not really, but you got my point there. I also think to re-starting my 365 project on February. There's a lot of stuff going on this month, and I can't handle to do this project properly. When I look back and see how many days I skipped, I just became mad and stressed out. So yeah, I'm gonna re-starting doing it. 

*p.s.: This playlist got Platinum certified on 8tracks! Woohoo! My first Platinum medal. :D



just another "songs i'll never skip" playlist on @8tracks
Happy Sunday! So for this week, I actually decided to make this "songs i'll never skip" playlist because I saw it everywhere. And I think it's a cool idea, because everyone got different taste in music and for me, these are the songs that I'll never skip whenever they're comes on shuffle. The genre is indie rock / alternative. A lot of upbeat songs that I always listen when I'm get ready in the morning, but there's also couple of sad / desperate songs. However, hope you enjoy it! :)



So yesterday night, I was attending the 4th graduation party for the management department for this year. First time to come to this kind of event, to be honest. I kind of feel excited, and also confused because I basically didn't own any dress. Gladly, I found my mom's old dress that fortunately match with the dresscode. :3